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New Course: iPhone App Design

Published on September 18, 2014

Today we released Fundamentals of iPhone Application Design. It’s a three hour tour of designing an iPhone app called NearMe.

For this course I worked with the talented folks at Funsize, a mobile design agency right here in Austin, TX. Rick Messer, one of their product designers, is the instructor for the course. He lets you into his world of iPhone app design, including all of the small but important decisions he has to make a long the way.

Here’s a preview of the course:

CMS Chronicles: WordPress and Statamic

Published on September 09, 2014

There are two new episodes of the CMS Chronicles available now:

Both were great conversations with two people doing very interesting work with the respective CMSes.

Justin Krause uses Statamic to build and run all of the content (and marketing) sites for Asana.

Rachel Baker is a full-stack developer at 10up and active in the WordPress development community. She’s also working on the new WP-API, which will eventually be part of WordPress itself.

More episodes coming soon, so subscribe to the feed or bookmark the page.

You can also keep up by following Mijingo on Twitter.

Just Added: Timestamped Transcript for ExpressionEngine Add-on Course

Published on September 08, 2014

I just added a complete, timestamped transcript to the Developing an ExpressionEngine Add-on course by Lodewijk Schutte.

If you purchased this course, the transcript (22 pages, PDF) is available from your account page.

Just Added: JavaScript Task Runners Ebook

Published on September 05, 2014

Today I added an update to the JavaScript Task Runners video course: a 22-page ebook covering the course material and code examples.

The ebook was born out of my notes and research while creating the course. It covers the same material and is best read as a supplement to watching the video.

If you purchased the course the ebook is available to download in your account. Log in and grab it!

Ryan Interviewed for Front-end Development Newsletter

Published on August 13, 2014

I was recently interviewed for the Front-end Development Newsletter, a weekly email chock full of links and info. It’s run by Alex Carpenter and a great way to stay on top of front-end dev.

Alex asked me about learning and, well, I might’ve jumped up on my soapbox. Here’s a shred from the interview:

No one can learn well without a way to apply the information they’re reading or watching. I know some people say they’re theoretical learners and others are applied learners but the fact is everyone is an applied learner. Even in theoretical disciplines you’re still applying that information to problems.

Read the entire interview and I encourage you to subscribe to Alex’s weekly email.

New Course: JavaScript Task Runners Grunt & Gulp

Published on August 12, 2014

I just released a brand new course on two popular JavaScript task runners: Grunt and Gulp.

Over ten videos you will learn everything you need to get started using both Grunt and Gulp in your next web development project.

Get more information and then start learning!

Podcast on CMSes

Published on July 24, 2014

I’m a bit of a CMS wonk. I like hearing about them, talking about them, and using them. That should come as no surprise.

Now available is a new, limited series podcast on content management systems.

It’s called CMS Chronicles and serves as a way to introduce you to the most popular web CMSes and the people using them.

The podcast kicks off with two episodes; one on Drupal with Jeff Eaton and one on Jekyll with Brett Terpstra.

More episodes coming weekly. Enjoy!

Migrating a Blog to Jekyll

Published on July 18, 2014

In our Static Websites with Jekyll course, we cover how to build a Jekyll site from scratch. After you learn how to use Jekyll you may want to migrate or import an existing blog over to your new Jekyll-powered site.

Jekyll has you covered there with the Jekyll importers for multiple CMSes.

There are twenty importers available that cover everything from WordPress to Movable Type.

The importers take your blog or website content posts or pages and convert them into Markdown files in Jekyll. And, they typically only import content, not layouts or templates.

New Course: Static Websites with Jekyll

Published on July 15, 2014

Today, I released Static Websites with Jekyll, a completely redone version of our course that was originally published almost two years ago.

The course walks you through how to build a simple website using Jekyll, the static site generator from Github.

Over 7-parts and 75 minutes we cover installation, configuration, template coding, and deployment to Github Pages. It’s front-to-back coverage of everything you need to know to get started with Jekyll.

The course is on sale for only $9.99 until July 21, 2014. Grab a copy and learn this great publishing tool.

How to Learn with Your Team (or your company)

Published on July 10, 2014

Learning in groups is fun and effective. You have someone to ask questions about the material, help troubleshoot code or design, and to compare work as you go through a course.

Most courses here at Mijingo are also available for teams (up to 5 people) and companies (up to 25 people), in addition to individual use.

When you purchase a team or company version of the course, you can then share it among the your co-workers–only having to download the files once–and learn together.

To purchase a team or company license, just choose the license type from the drop-down menu under the price. It’s that simple!

View our courses and get started learning with your team.

New Course: Learning ExpressionEngine

Published on July 08, 2014

Today I released a completely updated course on the ExpressionEngine CMS.

The course, re-recorded in its entirety, is

  • about 2 ½ hours long,
  • broken up into 7 parts,
  • in 1080p HD,
  • and covers the latest features in ExpressionEngine, like layouts and relationships.

To celebrate the release, and so previous customers can get the course at a signifiant discount, Learning ExpressionEngine is on sale for everyone for only $19.99–that’s $20 off the regular price.

The sale is only until Monday July 14th.

Get started now!

Screencasting Tips

Published on May 24, 2014

I recently received a support email about some tips to get started creating screencasts. I happily obliged because, well, I enjoy talking about this stuff.

Here’s what I shared.

I would use Screenflow if you’re on Mac OS X. Otherwise Camtasia on Windows is a solid choice.

Get a good microphone, if you can. I really like the Røde Podcaster mic . It’s not inexpensive but sounds great and it’s easy to set up.

Some other tips (I should do a blog post!):

  • Make an outline before you start. High level topics and then any details you need to remember to cover.
  • Don’t script it! You’ll sound robotic and have weird pauses.
  • Record in a standard format. Screenflow will record your entire screen. You can make this work for you by setting you computer resolution to 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
  • Do simple editing, skip the fancy effects.
  • Think about pacing when you’re editing. Does it feel like it’s dragging? Can you cut out the 30 seconds it takes to type out all of that code (esp. if you’ve typed it before) and cross dissolve into the full line?
  • Publish to YouTube or Vimeo. They’re the best.

WordPress Course Updated for 3.9

Published on May 06, 2014

Today I updated the Getting Started with WordPress course to include some new information about WordPress 3.9, which was recently released. All of the updates take place in the Part 1 of the course and note the updated dashboard, including its responsive design.

If you already purchased the course, the update is in your account, you just need to re-watch the streaming video or re-download Part 1.

This has been a popular course because so many people want to and need to learn WordPress, one of the biggest (the biggest?) content management systems out there.

With almost 10 years experience working with WordPress and more than one hundred WordPress sites of experience, John Chandler walks you through the basics you need to know to get started building your own website with WordPress.

Get started learning WordPress now!

Updated Learning Craft Course Now Available

Published on April 30, 2014

Today I’ve made available a completely re-done and updated course on the Craft CMS.

Since the original release a year ago, the team behind Craft have made some great updates and changes. While the existing course still served as a nice introduction to Craft, I wanted to redo the course completely so it reflected some of the changes, especially how you navigate through the Craft control panel.

The course price remains the same as the last year and I have sent everyone who purchased this calendar year a coupon to update to the new course for free.

Thank you for learning with Mijingo. Enjoy the new course!

OmniFocus Tutorials Now Free

Published on March 27, 2014

Yesterday, The OmniGroup announced that their popular productivity/task manager application OmniFocus will be updated to 2.0 in June. The new version is a major update in terms of look and functionality. I’m running the beta and it is a nice improvement.

I plan to update my OmniFocus videos when the new version is out. Until then I’ve made the current courses for OmniFocus 1 completely free.

Just add them to your cart and check out like usual. The only difference is you pay nothing!

What We’re Working On

Published on March 26, 2014

Right now I am working on updating some existing courses:

Both courses are still excellent introductions to these systems but there have been changes in the software that I’d like to capture in the courses.

To keep updated on the planned courses, bookmark the Upcoming Courses and Training page.

Gift The Happy Cog Way

Published on December 07, 2013

Starting today you can send The Happy Cog Way course bundle as a gift to someone else. Your lucky friend will receive a gift code that they can then redeem at Mijingo.

There’s no extra charge or fee to gift The Happy Cog Way. Just fill out the form, add the gift card to your cart and check out!

Your gift recipient will receive an email notifying them of the gift within 24 hours (but usually much faster).

Give the gift of learning today!

The Happy Cog Way on Sale for Only $99

Published on November 29, 2013

The Happy Cog Way bundle is now on sale again for only $99. We did a special sale for the launch and the first few weeks. That crazy price is back again and you can get all 8 courses for less than a benjamin.

The courses are:

  • HTML Prototyping
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Fundamentals of HTML5
  • Fundamentals of CSS3
  • Up and Running with Sass
  • Building a Type System
  • Basics of Grids
  • Deploying Website

All courses are authored by the wonderfully talented folks at Happy Cog. And, to add to it, each course includes supplemental materials, like a recorded roundtable discussion, a full transcript of the video course, code and design examples, and other materials.

The price is usually $149 for this course, but it’s on sale for a limited time. Grab it now for $50 off and save that money to treat yourself to something nice.

Save 50% on ExpressionEngine Book

Published on November 28, 2013

My ExpressionEngine 2: A Quick-Start Guide book is published by the fine folks at The Pragmatic Programmers. They also do an annual holiday sale and right now you can get my book in ebook format for only $11 (that’s 50% off regular price).

The sale is until Monday, December 2, 2013, PST. To get the discount use the coupon code turkey2013 when you check out.

Ready to learn ExpressionEngine? Go for it.

Holiday Sale - Up to 50% off Everything

Published on November 28, 2013

As has become the tradition here, we’re running our annual “Black Friday” sale on all of our training courses. But it’s not just one day. Everything is on sale until 11:59 PM CST Sunday.

Save up to 50% on courses to learn Git version control, Basecamp, Getting Started with WordPress, Markdown, static websites with Jekyll, HTML5, CSS3, typography, grids, Responsive Web Design, and more!

There’s no coupon needed. The prices are reduced site-wide. Don’t wait until Monday, though. It’ll be too late.

Start learning now.

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